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Dining at hotels…

After years of oblivion, hotel kitchen is back in the game. It has shined brightly in gastronomy on more than one occasion. In the most sophisticated form, as a twentieth-century styled and as a ball styled or as a new-modern version from the Polish 90’s, when only in the hotel restaurants, you could taste shrimps and other, then rarely seen, delicacies.

Today it returns in an unpretentious and original edition. Hotel restaurants open for the outside clientele, service becomes less starched and the stiffly ironed, white tablecloths vanish from the tables. The head chefs of hotel kitchens become less anonymous, they sign the menus with their name proudly and emphasize the importance of a regional cuisine based on local products. An excellent example of this is the Krakow branch of the Indigo hotel, where the Filipa 18 restaurant operates. Its head chef, Marcin Sołtys, who previously led the legendary Wierzynek for 12 years. Making use of the viccinity of the oldest market in Krakow, Stary Kleparz, next to where the hotel is located, creates a menu of Lesser Poland delicacies.

In Wrocław, young and defiant Łukasz Budzik bravely manages the hotel restaurant Mennicza Fusion. He bakes the bread independently and introduces his experience, he gained in the best three-star michelin restaurants, on the Wroclaw’s area.F&B of the Puro hotel chain, famous not only for a great design, but also for a sense of humor, is led by Paweł Oszczyk, one of the most experienced and acute chefs. In Gdańsk, one of the most fashionable places in the city is the Dancing Anchor restaurant, operating at the Puro hotel, famous for its fish and seafood.Poznańers come to Nifty No.20 for a goose with red cabbage, and in Krakow, Halicka is known for its pater trout. And this is just the beginning of Puro’s expansion. In the upcoming 2019, more hotels will be opened in Łódź and Warsaw, and brand-new, interesting restaurants along with them.